Doula Pricing and Payment

Cost of Birth Doula Services

This is the question that most people want answered. I have worked hard to provide a price that I feel is fair to my clients so that they feel there is value in the money they're spending.

My fee is $1000 per birth and is broken down as follows:

Initial Visit No Cost
Two Prenatal Visits $125 per visit
Birthday $500
Two Postpartum Visits

$125 per visit

If you would like to have more Prenatal or Postpartum visits, the fee is $100/hour.

You can pay the full price upfront or can split the payments into two equal payments of $500.

Our first meeting is at no charge because we are just meeting and gathering information on each other to see if this is going to be the right fit. Pricing for mandoula services can also be catered to your family's needs. Some families want and need all of the pre- and post- visits, and some don’t; we understand that not every family is the same. You and your family need to find the right doula for you, and our focus is working together to to get you where you want to be.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss what is best for you. The more open and honest conversation we can have, the better we can collectively meet your goal of the birth that you want.